World Canvas

The world canvas started in Bridgeport while Aimee was working at a refugee resettlement agency in Fairfield County, Connecticut. She brought gesso’d canvas squares to children and adults in the form of classes and workshops, along with painting and drawing supplies. She asked, “What brings YOU hope?” The language barrier present provided the perfect opportunity to communicate via the art process. The kids and adults loved it, and we shared stories about our squares. The she went home and assembled the squares to create the beginning of the Art in Common World Canvas. We will take the canvas to other cities and ask the same question, and build on the canvas. The main message is to break the isolation, if just for a moment, that is experienced when resettling in a new country.

In good faith, we will have 501c3 status by 2016 year-end. You will receive a thank-you letter for donations made which can be submitted to the IRS with your 2016 tax return.

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