Dedan “Two” Davenport – Graffiti Artist

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Hi, hope you enjoy this 1-month graffiti gratitude journal. Growing up graffiti art helped me through many challenges. As an adult, I have worked with to use the skill to improve mindfulness and emotional intelligence in service to the community. I received a BFA from Pratt and a master’s in clinical social work from Fordham. Through working as a therapist and care manager for children, adults and now helping seniors live safely at home who would otherwise have to live in a nursing facility; I have consistently witnessed the arts ability to help people of all ages manage complex emotions, better process uncertainty and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

As a meditation practitioner, I have found the practice of mindfulness and gratitude to be transformational. Harvard researcher Shawn Achor has shown that writing 3 new things we are grateful for every day for just 21 days can increase our optimism levels for up to 6 months. This booklet is an effort to engage in a healthy practice, in a fun and engaging way. I hope you or someone you care for can benefit from it.

Thank You,

Dedan “Two” Davenport

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